Aluminum Thermal Break Folding Door JAMAR | JSF85

The Folding system Jamar | JSF85 Thermally insulated system for folding doors with minimal design and little visible aluminium. It offers excellent thermal insulation, high watertightness performance and is ideal for large constructions, remaining flawless over time. Having a Very large dimension in terms of height (up to 4.0m), vent width (up to 1.5m) and total span width Amazingly reduced sight lines which contributes to the overall minimal design, Extensive variety of solutions, with odd and even number of vents, corner construction, semi-structural vent version, inwards and outwards opening with Extreme performance in terms of air permeability, wind load resistance and water tightness. Significant energy and cost saving due to the excellent thermal insulation and U-values (as low as 1.0 W/m2K) Enhanced levels of security and burglar protection, meeting all sector security standards, Smooth operation and long-lasting flawless functionality.