Bespoke Glass Lift Structure JAMAR

Jamar Malta Ltd have teamed up with a leading lift engineering company and now offer a ‘holistic’ solution to residential and commercial glass lift shafts and cars. The increase in the use of glass in high spec residential projects has created a demand for modern contemporary glass lift solutions designed on a bespoke basis for architects and designers and lift suppliers. Using steel and glass or Spider curtain Glass structures in these applications in residential projects is becoming a lot more prevalent with the need for more innovative designs being called for. All glass lift shafts and glass cars supplied by Jamar Malta will be CE marked and conform to relevant safety standards. Structural Glass lifts supplied by Jamar will be designed by a company holding full Schedule 12 lift design status which enables IQ to offer a fully bespoke solution to this requirement to your project.

November 6, 2016

Lift Structure



Bespoke Steel Glass Lift Structure


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