Spider Glass Curtain Walls – Bolted Point Fixed Glazing

Jamar Malta Ltd stands for deeper knowledge in facade engineering, especially when it comes to special Spider Glass Curved Curtain Walls.
Jamar is probably one of the most qualified Maltese companies regarding Point Fixed Glazing with numerous realized projects with Glass fins, tension rods, prestressed cables, etc. in its record.
Jamar point fixed glazing systems and spider walls, have established our leadership and changed the way of thinking in constructions such as “high tech” curtain walls, canopies, atriums, etc.
Point fixed glazing systems and spider glass walls offer great transparency and unique designing solutions. ``Jamar SPIDER GLASS CURTAIN WALL`` systems can be introduced in multiple ways, regarding the substructure of the glass facade.

November 3, 2016

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Spider Glass Curtain Walls




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