Stainless Steel Railing – JAMAR | JR6 Model

Fascinating stair Stainless steel Railings and coverings a stairway balconies, terrace, or wherever you wish to is not just for your security or climbing up on, it is also for looking at. We build Railings individually on request and also mount them on site. Here every special detail taken into account. The Jamar JR6 Stainless steel Railing is a versatile Railing and can be combined with Stainless Steel Newels or Painted Steel Newels, Glass Infills and the forth... can also easily... be Top or Side Mounted, or combined with Glass or wooden grab rail, depending on the environment of the area to be install. One can also choose from a vast range of colour & Infills Type. At Jamar ``IMPOSSIBLE IS NOTING!!``.

December 14, 2016


Steel or Stainless Steel


Sprayed / Polished / Brushed


Stainless steel Infills