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Jamar is a reputable steel structure construction company. We are qualified and specialized in design, fabrication and construction of steel structure building. Since Jamar established in 1989 delivered a number of steel projects, Steel Structures, Multiple floories Structures, Industrial structures, Factories structure and roofing, Steel Bridges, Steel Space Frames, Steel Trusses, Steel elements and steel components. some of them combined with spider Glass, curtain glass, double glazed glass, and also galvanized corrugated steel panels, Insulated corrugated roofing panelling and so forth. Quality assurance, lead-edge technologies and continual innovations are our entrepreneurial concept. Through years of accumulation and exploitation, we have formed a complete set of building system solution. We also have accumulated rich experience in the waterproofing and insulation technology, which helps us to supply quality assurance to our clients. Jamar continue to lead the market in Design, Fabrication and Installation of steel structures building and steel elements. Over the past 26 years we worked on complex solutions in steel structures buildings for hundreds of clients from domestic to Industrial.

November 5, 2016




Steel Structure and Curtain Glass Facade

Steel Structure

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