Terms & Conditions

Terms and condition


  • We undertake to execute and complete the works with due care, efficiency and diligence in accordance with the best professional practice. Below are our terms and conditions.


1.0              Payments:


1.1              Client hereby agrees to pay the contractor the rates/prices as agreed in the Quote or Contract.


1.2              If the Client does not pay the Contractor as agreed, the Contractor has the right to refuse the unloading of works until the payment has been received. Payment has to include the interest rate according to the commercial rate.


2.0              Prices Estimate:


2.1              All works will be accurately measured and the final bill will be issued on the actual quantities.

2.2              In the event that the resource material costs fluctuate in Malta after the date of this quotation,

or there will be an increase in the minimum wage, the Contractor reserves the right to adjust the rates accordingly, but undertakes to provide documentary evidence of the price adjustments.


3.0              Contractor Issues:

3.1              The Contractor shall abide by all local governing laws on Health and Safety and the Contractor shall cover for his workers and his equipment.

3.2              All works shall be done in accordance with best practices.

3.3              Before every concrete casting, the architect is to be informed two days in advance in order to have enough lead time to ensure that an inspection is done prior to casting.

3.4              Concrete pumps are to be charged separately.

3.5              lifting equipment such as cranes, cherry pickers and scaffolding have to be quoted separately if it is necessary

3.6              All Local Council, Police, and Local permits are not included in the rates and are to be taken care of by the client unless quoted otherwise.

3.7              All rates are not inclusive of 18% VAT. VAT is added with the subtotal.


4.0              Architect Issues:


4.1              The Contractor shall perform the work on the plans given by the Architect, and the works are to be executed under his supervision. Any changes in work plans and or materials from the Architect`s side have to be arranged or modified in the existing program of works timeframes and quoted prices.


5.0              Other Issues:


5.1              Without prejudice to the above the Contractor may request an extension to the period of execution if his performance of the contract is delayed, or expected to be delayed, for any of the following reasons:

  1. a) Extra or additional services ordered by the Client
  2. b) Exceptional weather conditions in the country of the client which may affect installation or erection of the supplies;
  3. c) Physical obstructions or conditions which may affect the execution of the services, which could not reasonably have been foreseen by the competent Contractor
  4. d) administrative orders affecting the date of completion other than those arising from the Contractor`s default;
  5. e) Failure of the client to fulfill their obligations under the contract;
  6. f) any suspension of the execution of the services which is not due to the Contractor`s default;
  7. g) Force majeure;
  8. h) any other causes referred to in these conditions which are not due to the Contractor`s default.

5.2              At his own expense the Contractor shall upon request of the clients remedy any defect in the performance of works in the event of the Contractor`s failure to perform its obligations under this contract.

5.3              The Laws of Malta shall apply in all matters not covered by the provisions of the contract.

5.4              The contractor will not be responsible for any breakages, scratches, cracks or damages during the processing and/or drilling of holes in all kinds of Marble or tiles.

5.5              Kindly note that extra charges may apply for special color RAL that are out of our standard. To avoid any misunderstandings color RAL numbers are to be sent to Jamar in a formal way.

5.6              Cleaning of glass or Products can be made on request at an extra charge.

5.7              All technical details that are not stated or provided in the design provided/submitted by the client will be decided by our technical team. Special requirements needed by the client have to be specified and advised by the person responsible on-site prior to the confirmed drawings.

5.8              All necessary preparation work that has to be made by the client and that concerned Jamar are to be consulted with our technicians before doing so. It is crucial that all these works are to be ready before the agreed installation date.

5.9              By admitting the deposit, the client automatically agrees to all the above terms and conditions.


6.0              Carting away of all wood, plastic, or carton is also not included and is optional to the client at the extra charge of 50 € excl vat.


7.0           Installation of Glass Railings:

Jamar accepts no liability or responsibility for any improper alignment of this product if the foundation is not well prepared by third parties. It is the client’s responsibility to ensure that the foundation carried out by another contractor/s is compatible with Jamar Product.

Installation of Jamar Malta Ltd products – Humidity levels

Prior to the installation of all Jamar Malta Ltd. products, the client must prepare the area of installation such that:

a) Humidity will not be transferred for the surfaces of the floors or walls to the elements of the product supplied. It is expected that humidity transfer by capillarity will be prevented by an adequate layer such as a waterproof membrane or ceramic tiles that are not exposed to any underlying humidity.

b) The humidity levels of the room where the product is installed must be similar to the relative humidity levels for the Maltese Island.

In the case that the above is not satisfied, Jamar Malta Ltd. may not be held responsible for any distortion or premature deterioration of steel or timber components of the product supplied.